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Toaster Grant's

iOS App, Android App

march 2014

Interactive and humorous mobile app integrated in social media, consisted of several blocks: Illustrated toasts, map of places and activities, interactive game-toaster for events (to connect people), аccumulative points system.

Business Goal

Increase customer awareness of the brand and stimulate sales

Communication objective

Transfer values ​​and strengthening status of the brand, loyalty of the target audience

What we did

1. Created concept of the app, app name,
2. Did UX research,
3. Built prototypes and wireframes, using user stories and customer ideas,
4. Made user interface design and created app content,
5. Managed Android and iOS development teams,
6. Developed strategy for the app promotion.


Organized multiple events in bars and restaurans for app promotion Increased brand loyalty in social media (ER=12%)

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Grants 01

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